Russia State Pharmacopoeia 13 (XIII) Online

Table of Contents

Russia State Pharmacopoeia 13 (XIII) Online

GMP.1.1.0009.15 Shelf lives of Medicinal Products

GPM. Spectrophotometry in the UV and visible area

GPM. Gas chromatography


GPM. Osmolarity

GPM. Ionometry

GPM Solubility

GPM. Color intensity of liquids

GPM. Transparency and degree of turbidity

GPM. Weight loss on drying

GPM Melting point

GPM Polarimetry

GPM Heavy metals

GPM Sulphated ash

GPM. Determination of water

GPM. Determination of protein

GPM. Microbiological purity

GPM . Sterility

GPM. Pyrogenicity

Pharmaceutical forms

GPM. Drug formulations

GPM. Powders

GPM. Solutions

GPM. Syrups

GPM. Suspensions

GPM. Tablets

GPM. Emulsions

GPM. Tinctures

GPM. Species

GPM. Extracts




GPM . Pharmaceutical forms for parenteral administration

Pharmaceutical-technological testing of pharmaceutical forms.

GPM. Dissolution of solid pharmaceutical dose forms

GPM. The determination of probiotics specific activity

GPM. Medicinal Products from Human Plasma

GPM. Immunobiological medicinal products

GPM. Human immunoglobulins

GPM. Immunoglobulins and sera (antibodies), heterologous

GPM. Abnormal toxicity

Methods of Chemical and Physico-chemical analysis

GPM. Atomic emission spectrometry

Methods of analysis for blood products

GPM. Gel Immunodiffusion

GPM. Agarose gel immunoelectrophoresis

GPM. Determination of blood coagulation factors activity

GPM. Test for anti-D antibodies in medicinal products containing human immunoglobulins

GPM. Determination of anti-A and anti-B haemagglutinins in medicinal products containing human immunoglobulins

GPM. Determination of molecular parameters of immunoglobulins by HPLC

Blood Products

PM. Human Plasma for Fractionation

GPM. Human coagulation factor VII 

PM. Human coagulation factor VIII

PM. Human coagulation factor IX

PM. Von Willebrand factor

PM. Human Albumin

PM. Normal human immunoglobulin

PM. Normal human immunoglobulin for intravenous administration